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Psychic Medium Readings in Inverness, Scotland, UK

"Soul To Soul"

Soulfully Embracing


Come meet us - We are a husband and wife team who are psychic mediums. We have dedicated our life to connecting loved ones and healing those in need.

We are proud to be; Accredited Mediums

Trisha Trolland

"At the moment Trisha is Having a break to concentrate on young family"

Psychic Medium Readings in Inverness, Scotland, UK

Hi I am Trisha.  Most of my life I have been aware of people that have left their earthly body and used to speak to them when I was a child. Although it has been with me since a child, I started consciously making a big effort with enfolding my spiritual gifts


I was 19 years of age, and as well as my own experiences and knowledge, I have also extensively travelled all over, and been lucky enough to have the privilege of being in the company and helped along by some of the world’s finest mediums.

I offer a range of services form Mediumship readings to demonstrations of mediumship to healing including Reiki and Crystal healing.

Steven Trolland


Hi I am Steve. It wasn’t until the passing of a close family member that I started to research mediumship in much more depth. I was quite sceptical, and I believe it is healthy to investigate with a sceptical, but also an open mind as I have done.


I don’t feel we should ever have to believe something just because we are told to believe it. To cut a long story short, through my journey I have had many experiences that have changed me and my life, and has left me with no doubt, that there is so much more to this world than what we just perceive with our limited physical senses.

Being psychic and a medium has become a calling that completely fulfills me and has given me tremendous comfort through my own loss and giving that comfort to others is a privilege - Follow the link below to see how I can help


"After being to see many mediums on the past 20 odd years I believe my reading with Steven was one of the best I have ever had !!  He touched my heart with so many things that I wanted to know , special messages from loved ones that had passed over to the other side and it made my day. In fact I feel better for it weeks afterwards. I highly recommend Steven. He goes into detail and says it with love. He is very passionate about what he does and that's what makes it extra special." - Thank you so much S. King


"I had a reading from Trisha recently. Without giving away personal details someone very dear to me came through. The details given to me where very accurate, some I didn't even know about but checked with family and they were ! I was very happy that Trisha helped me communicate with a loved one so deeply and accurately, brings a lot of comfort. Would highly recommend her and looking forward to next reading"