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Soulfully Embracing

"When truly touched by the presence of spirit, it is something that can be more precious and sacred than any material thing that this world can hold "

"Soul To Soul "


Hello and a Warm Welcome.
We are Trisha & Steve, Psychic & Mediums. 

You have to be psychic to be a medium as mediumship needs the soul meaning the psychic within the medium to become aware of those in the spirit world, and through the love and compassion of the medium the spirit world can have a voice.

"Information can touch the mind but the presence of spirit will touch the soul"


As well as being able to share our own experience we have also been lucky to be in the company and helped along with the knowledge from some of the world’s finest mediums.

We have also trained at the finest places such as Arthur Findlay College in London which is The World’s Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences.

Steven  is accredited and now holds a certificate of recognition for speaking, demonstrating private readings and also for teaching with the spiritualist national union as a medium CSNU(t) and is also an approved spiritual healer.

Gaining six podiums and two British titel's during his competition days in snowboarding is when he fell into this awarness of life after the passing of his beloved brother. 

He found his true purpose and what would fulfill him for life through the world of psychic and mediumship, "in other words fulfilling his soul".

Trisha is an accredited medium for her mediumship by the spiritualist national union for public speaking and demonstrating and is also qualified in Reiki and Crystal healing.

"At the moment Trisha is having a break to concentrate on young family"

Based in the Highlands of Scotland near Inverness, and love travelling with their mediumship.